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Friday, November 25, 2005

Explore Park's Fort Vause

Each new settlement required the establishment of
militia for protection. Militia bylaws differed by settlement. Counties of the originial 13 Colonies usually designated a Lieutenant to form, drill, and maintain the unit. Frontier militia were usually formed by large land-holders, politicians, or men with military background. It was generally assumed that all able-bodied men between the designated ages, usually 18 and 60, were to regularly attend militia drills, or "Musters". Those eligable, but chosing not to attend, would have fines levied against them. Each man was responsible for providing his own musket, powder, and amunition. For the Common Defense. Meeting places initially were the local forts of stations, and as the counties and towns were established, the local taverns, or county courthouse were the most common meeting places.


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